This theme has been purpose-built for publishers who want to use the Members features of Ghost. Installing this theme allows you to use memberships and subscriptions to develop a direct relationship with your audience and generate predictable revenue with a secure Stripe integration.

Memberships & subscriptions

The Members features in Ghost are suitable for publishers and creatives of all types, who need a reliable platform to share content and generate income from a membership business. For example:

  • Premium publications - create unique content that your fans can't find anywhere else and offer premium memberships with recurring subscriptions.
  • Paid newsletters - Send your email newsletter content to a discerning group of paid subscribers using a few powerful automations.
  • New media - YouTube creators or Podcast producers can use Ghost to grow a list of paying members who subscribe to support their work.
  • Communities - Create comments sections and communities for logged in or paid-only members to foster engagement with your work.

👉 Use this demo site to explore what the theme looks like and what it's capable of. Sign up as a member in the top right corner, and see the memberships and subscriptions features in action.

Installing Lyra

Lyra is ready to use and can be uploaded to any Ghost install in three quick steps:

  1. Download the theme as a .zip
  2. Upload the .zip in the Design area of Ghost admin
  3. Retrieve the routes.yaml file from within the .zip & upload this in Labs

Next steps

Once you have installed this theme, you can get started with creating content for your brand new members site right away. The next article covers how to create content using the Ghost editor.