The Lyra theme is designed to be a clean, readable publication that has built-in support for all of the membership and subscription features in Ghost.

It can also be adapted for most purposes. So if you need to build something a little more custom, you can do so by making changes to this theme.

There are a huge range of both free and premium pre-built themes which you can get from the Ghost Theme Marketplace, or you can create your own from scratch.

Anyone can write a completely custom Ghost theme with some solid knowledge of HTML and CSS

Ghost themes are written with a templating language called handlebars, which has a set of dynamic helpers to insert your data into template files. For example: {{}} outputs the name of the current author.

Theme documentation

We've got full and extensive theme documentation which outlines every template file, context and helper that you can use. In addition, the theme development section of our members docs explains everything you need to know to add membership functionality to any Handlebars theme.

If you want to chat with other people making Ghost themes to get any advice or help, there's also a themes section on our public Ghost forum.

Final step

There's one last post on this demo site – but it's post access is set to members only, so to read it (and test the functionality of this theme) click the subscribe button in the top right corner of the site.