Work with your existing tools

It's possible to connect your Ghost site to hundreds of the most popular apps and tools using integrations that take no more than a few minutes to setup.

Membership publications benefit from being able to automate workflows, connect an email list, build a community and much more. Our integrations library has got it all covered with hundreds of tutorials.

Flexible integrations - no plugins required!

Many apps and services can be integrated directly with Ghost by pasting an embed code into your site's theme, or using code-injection in Ghost admin. Any app or service with a front-end integration or clientside embed is compatible with Ghost.

You can copy and paste anything which uses HTML, CSS or JavaScript to get started with your own custom integration.

Popular membership integrations include:

  • Injecting an analytics script to your site to generate site performance metrics and keep track of what content your members are enjoying the most
  • Adding a commenting solution to your site so that signed in members can be part of a members-only community
  • Embed a survey or a form so you can collect information from your members


On top of this, you can connect your Ghost site to more than 1,000 external services using the official integration with Zapier.

Zapier sets up automations with Triggers and Actions, which allows you to create and customise a wide range of connected applications.

For example:

  • When a new subscriber is added to an email list in Mailchimp (Trigger) Zapier can send the subscribers name and email address into Ghost Members (Action)
  • When a new Patron is added in Patreon (Trigger) Zapier can send the patrons name and email address into Ghost Members (Action)
  • When a new member signs up in Ghost (Trigger) Zapier can trigger a welcome email series created in ConvertKit (Action)
Get more information and guides about the most popular integrations for using the Members features of Ghost in our docs, or browse the full directory of integrations with the platform.

Next up: Invite your team

Now that you've installed Lyra on your Ghost site, connected your favourite apps and understand how to create content, check out some admin settings and invite your team to start collaborating.